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Meredith: Farmers on this 150 acre property in Manheim aren’t just growing crops, they are conducting research. How do we make better yield and better quality plants by using less pesticides and less energy?

Meredith: Less resources all around, because scientist are testing to see how well these plants might grow in outer space. This really gives us an opportunity to make a difference in the world.

Meredith: And out of this world, by treating these tomato plants with a new substance called BAM, which stands for Bio Available Minerals. The plants leaves absorb the spray immediately. When i say immediately, its— it is literally happening within seconds.

Meredith: That helps create more fruit and vegetables. Not only does it make it taste better, it’s better nutritional value.

Meredith: Here on this farm, there’s a ton of room, but in space you don’t actually have that much space. But scientist say you don’t need that much BAM. A little git goes a long way. And so has this research. BAM tested plants on two Space X Flights and grew broccoli on the international space station. The way we farm now is really different than the way we farmed 100 years ago. And these farmers are on the cutting edge of the next 100 years. In Lancaster County, Meredith.

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