BAM-FX Is a Positively Charged Zinc-Copper Solution

Simply pour in BAM-FX for your spray application

You will expect to see an overall healthier, stronger plant with deeper roots that is visibly greener. We often see pods with four beans,as well as more pods. The BAM-FX will also enhance the roundup and any other herbicide, pesticide or fungicide used. BAM-FX technology features a balanced pairing of 7% zinc and 2% copper minerals that effectively strengthen the cells of plants.

Application Protocol

We recommend a foliar application for soybeans:

First application:16 oz. of BAM-FX per acre/ 15-20 gallons of H2O at V-3 (V5 with “roundup”)

Second application: 16 oz. at R1, while putting down fungicide.

Certainly, you can experiment with 8-12-16 oz. on the 1st application and 8-12-16 oz. on the 2nd application but 16 oz and 16 oz is what is working best. More is NOT better so do not go more than 16 oz per application.

We recommend 16 oz. of BAM-FX per application because that amount has returned the best results when tested on soybeans. While positive results have shown in applications as little as 8 oz., we do not recommend applying more than 16 oz.

Watch Science at Work

Everyone has a different soil consistency and weather conditions, so everyone needs to see how this works with the specific criteria of your farm. BAM-FX will help to energize your crop so that it can more efficiently pull up latent fertilizers and other macro and micro nutrients from the soil. We highly encourage you to do a tissue test on treated and non-treated leaves 7-10 days after application so you can see for yourself the actual real increased results/levels of nutrients in your beans.

We give a full money-back guarantee if you don’t see results. It is backed by 15 years of thorough scientific research, so call us today if you have any other questions before application.

Let us know if you would like a free sample and we will send it to you.

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Because we know that your farm is your life, we are not taking risks. We did the research, conducted field studies, and the results are in: it works.


BAM-FX is environmentally friendly due to the increased absorption by grass roots, decreasing runoff into local streams and drainage basins.


BAM-FX delivers nutrients directly into the plant system, immediately increasing nutrient uptake and stress resistance.

BAM-FX farmers have had incredible results – don’t take our word for it! Join hundreds of farmers who are amazed at the results of this revolutionary product.

Countless hours of research and development have gone into our product, including mission flights to the International Space Station, university studies, toxicity studies, and laboratory testing and analysis. Extensive field testing is currently underway.