BAM-FX Is a Positively Charged Zinc-Copper Solution

With a simple spray application, all you need to do is add BAM-FX to your next treatment.

Stronger roots, greater yield, taller plants, and a sweeter cob of corn. Our BAM-FX formula is making an impact for corn farmers throughout the nation. This ionically charged solution has proven to increase the effectiveness of fertilizers and other crop treatments. The BAM-FX technology possesses a balanced pairing of 7% zinc and 2% copper minerals that effectively strengthen the cells of plants.

What Can You Expect?

Our numerous trials and user testimonials demonstrate an overall healthier, stronger plant. Corn treated with BAM-FX has deeper roots, a larger root ball, stronger brace or feeder roots, and nice green leaves. Another remarkable attribute is the difference in the actual kernels. Best of all, you can taste the difference! Taste the treated kernels along some non-treated kernels, and you will surely notice the difference that the increase brix level makes.

Since all corn farmers experience different soil consistencies and weather conditions, we will help match BAM-FX to the specific needs of your farm. BAM-FX has demonstrated a powerful ability to energize crops in even the most demanding environments, employing latent fertilizers as well as other macro and micro nutrients within your soil. A tissue test comparing treated and non-treated leaves 7-10 days after application will show you the the ability BAM-FX has to not only help you grow better corn, but to help you grow more of it.

We give a full money-back guarantee if you don’t see amazing results. BAM-FX is backed by 15 years of scientific research. Your solution is just a spray away. Contact us if you have any questions.


The recommended foliar application for corn is 1st application 16 oz. of BAM-FX per acre/ 15-20 gallons of H2O when the corn is approximately 6-8 inches tall, then a 2nd  16 oz. application when the corn is 12-15 inches tall. Certainly, you can experiment with 8-12-16 oz. on the 1st applicationand 8-12-16 oz. on the 2nd applicationMore is NOT better so do not go more than 16 oz per application.

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Because we know that your farm is your life, we are not taking risks. We did the research, conducted field studies, and the results are in: it works.


BAM-FX is environmentally friendly due to the increased absorption by grass roots, decreasing runoff into local streams and drainage basins.


BAM-FX delivers nutrients directly into the plant system, immediately increasing nutrient uptake and stress resistance.

BAM-FX farmers have had incredible results – don’t take our word for it! Join hundreds of farmers who are amazed at the results of this revolutionary product.

Over 15 years of research and development have gone into our product, including mission flights to the International Space Station, university studies, toxicity studies, laboratory testing and analysis and extensive field testing.