What is BAM-FX?

BAM-FX™ (Bio-Available Mineral Formula X) is an ionic concentrated liquid formula designed to provide easy uptake of micro nutrients by the plant, which is not obtainable through other methodologies. Application of BAM-FX; mitigates stress, increases stamina, enhances biomass growth and the rooting system, thereby improving the overall quality of produce, plants, grasses and trees.

How does BAM-FX work and why is it different from other plant micronutrient products?

BAM-FX creates positively charged ionic molecules in the manufacturing process. The positive electrical charge and the molecular structure allow BAM-FX to cross or diffuse through the negatively charged plant cellular membranes of leaves and roots, encouraging superior systemic activity and better nutrient distribution. BAM-FX ionic minerals are not bonded with salts; the plant’s energy is directed toward transporting the BAM-FX minerals to locations in the plant that are deficient; this opens the metabolic pathways and results in superior plants. BAM-FX has demonstrated increased absorption and the up-take of other minerals; that, together with the higher levels of nutrient utilization, can reduce run-off and increase performance with an overall reduction in fertilizers.

What crops will it work on?

BAM-FX has shown to be effective in all major agricultural crops including fruits, vegetables, grains, fiber and other cash crops.

How is BAM-FX applied?

BAM-FX is designed for direct soil drench and foliage spray treatment of leaves, to prevent or correct preexisting stress deficiencies as indicated by leaf, soil and water testing. BAM-FX may be applied through sprinkler systems, by tank trucks, backpack sprayers and aircraft. For smaller applications, BAM-FX may simply be mixed with tap water or other chemicals and applied with a hand sprayer. It is important that instructions and protocols be followed carefully with all BAM-FX applications.

Can I use my existing equipment to apply BAM-FX?

BAM-FX should be mixed and applied using only plastic containers. Spray nozzle should be plastic, stainless steel or other hard metals.

What results and benefits can I expect to see with BAM-FX?

Using BAM-FX in your mineral nutrition program can enhance yields, lower costs per acre, mitigate stress and increase efficacy. BAM-FX appears to counteract the effects that are created inside environmentally stressed plants (flooding, excessive heat, drought conditions, over fertilization, wind and excessive chemical use, frost damage, excess salt and boron).
In addition to an overall increase in environmental stress tolerance, you may expect to see many beneficial results including: higher yields, less culls, increased biomass, greater Brix (sugar) content, higher levels of chlorophyll, higher quality and more nutritious fruits and vegetables, more robust root development, and accelerated plant development including better seed germination and earlier flowering.

Is BAM-FX compatible with other standard farming practice products?

BAM-FX is a versatile product and can be combined with other products to reduce labor, equipment use and energy costs. It is compatible with many standard fertilizer regimens; however, BAM-FX should not be mixed or applied at the same time as glysphosate. It can also be applied after dry fertilizer applications. A comprehensive tank mix compatibility table is currently under development. Consult your BAM-FX product support representative before applying BAM-FX in conjunction with other products.

What research has been done on BAM-FX to prove its effectiveness?

Research and development has included: missions to the International Space Station, university trials, toxicity testing, laboratory studies and fifteen years in discovery with over 5 million dollars in R&D. Extensive third party validations and field trials on a large variety of crops, across a broad range of climates and conditions have been conducted. Results have consistently demonstrated that applications of the BAM-FX micro nutrient formula have shown superior rooting, thicker stemming, increased biomass growth, increased sugar/brix content, a higher nutritional value, an increase in yield, a more uniform yield, better taste, better color, fortification against environmental stresses, better and more efficient utilization of other micro nutrients and macro nutrients with better growth responses (faster to market).

How can BAM-FX increase my ROI?

BAM-FX can produce a substantial increase in “ROI” (Return on Investment) due to an increase in biomass, yields, quality of produce and reduction of culls. Additional savings may be realized through the reduction of fertilizer, fungicide and pesticide inputs. BAM-FX can improve your bottom line, increase crop production, mitigate crop stress and reduce runoff. Your local sales representative or distributor can provide you with detailed pricing information based on your volume and application rate.

On which crops and plants may BAM-FX be applied and effective?

BAM-FX has been tested and has shown to be effective on many common field crops (fruits, vegetables, grains and fiber), shrubs, trees and on certain specialty hydroponic plants.

Does BAM-FX require any special equipment or handling?

Proper mixing and handling is essential. BAM-FX is a low pH concentrate product with an acid base. Low grade stainless steel equipment users should read the instructions carefully as pitting and/or etching may occur. All equipment should be thoroughly rinsed after use. High density polyethylene tanks and equipment are not affected. BAM-FX should be mixed and applied using only plastic containers. Spray nozzles should be plastic, stainless steel or other hard metals. It is important that product instructions be followed carefully with all BAM-FX applications. See BAM-FX™ Product Label and BAM-FX™ Safety Data Sheet for detailed information.

Is there any environmental impact with the use of BAM-FX?

When the prescribed BAM-FX protocol is followed, there should be no appreciable runoff. There are no toxic ingredients in BAM-FX and since minimal product is needed for maximum efficacy, no environmental impact is anticipated. BAM-FX has a positive impact on the environment by allowing growers to use less NPK and by better utilizing latent fertilizers left in the soils from previous plantings, which, reduces runoff and water pollution.

Do you offer technical guidance on using BAM-FX?

Yes, Bam Ag Solutions agronomists and crop advisers who are happy to assist you with incorporating BAM-FX into your crop program to prevent and correct preexisting stress deficiencies as indicated by leaf soil and water testing.

Can a precision blend of BAM-FX be customized for my crops?

We understand the benefits of maximizing results through precision agricultural solutions and can custom blend micro nutrient variations to accommodate larger precision agricultural or distributor/re seller requirements at a competitive cost. Our Bam Ag Solutions agronomists can develop a customized blend of BAM-FX along with the most effective protocol to maximize results. Please complete our contact form  to discuss developing your custom blend. Additional time for delivery may be required due to new label registration.