BAM Distributors is distributing a patented platform technology developed by BAM Agricultural Solutions Inc to introduce a family of BAM (Bio Available Minerals), precision agriculture products designed to increase crop yields and quality while also addressing crop plant mineral deficiencies and the stress related challenges facing agriculture worldwide. One-half the world’s agricultural soils are estimated to be deficient in zinc, leading to decreased crop production and nutritional value. Other major challenges include the now common weather events resulting in excessive heat and drought, frost and wind damage, population growth and crop mineral deficiencies, known as hidden hunger of humans on our planet and soil degradation caused by excessive use of chemicals/fertilizers and subsequent damage to aquifers and water bodies caused by run-off.

The commercially available flagship product, BAM-FX®, represents a disruptive technology that no other company can offer and has shown the ability to increase growth, yield, food quality and the efficiencies of fertilizer use. Unlike other zinc containing products, the BAM-FX technology enables the efficient uptake of its perfectly paired 7% zinc and 2% copper minerals directly into the cells of plants.

The BAM-FX formula was originally created by its inventor, John W. Kennedy, to sustain plant growth for deep space missions by astronauts, but has demonstrated significant applications to agriculture here on Earth.

After over 15 years of research and development including mission flights to the International Space Station, university studies, toxicity studies, laboratory testing and analysis and extensive field testing on a wide range of crops, BAM-FX is being commercialized by BAM Agricultural Solutions, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Zero Gravity Solutions, Inc.

BAM Agricultural Solutions is dedicated to providing targeted and innovative solutions to world agricultural challenges through a broad and evolving product line of products.